Wednesday, December 7, 2011

All that glitters is not gold

Because this glitter is pink! Yes, I finally found my craft shop after a few, admittedly, failed attempts at looking. And what do you know, it’s just a five-minute walk from my house. Who knew? Well, they did after being there for some 40 years!

Anyhoo, the craft supply store sold glitter, every kind imaginable including the fine type I was searching to pimp my brown chelsea boots. I bought 6 tubes of 7g each (basically their entire stock) but had so much left I decided to pimp this €1 bag as well!

What I used:

a pair of boots or a bag
2-3 tubes of glitter
PVA glue (that’s the generic white kind)
clear spray-on lacquer
masking tape
a paintbrush
a plastic container
a newspaper

1. Cover your work surface with the newspaper so you’ll be able to catch any spilled glitter. Pour some glue into the plastic container along with enough glitter to slightly thicken (my glue turned light pink).
2. Start painting the boots being careful not to cover the soles or any elastic parts - like on chelsea boots.

3. After completely covering your shoes with the glitter glue (don’t worry the glue will dry transparent), sprinkle some of the remaining glitter over the still tacky boots for optimum coverage. Then leave to dry for a couple of hours.
4. When the boots are completely dry, spray them with a couple of coats of clear varnish and leave to dry overnight. 

For the bag, you’ll want to mask off an area before painting-on the glitter glue. Then repeat steps 1 through 4.

It’s as easy as that! I love how the boots and matching bag turned out, especially as the soles and elastic of the boots still show through. Now just need to find a party to wear them both to!

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