Friday, November 18, 2011

Get your nails did!

I love playing around with nail art and have been since I can remember. I used to cut out my own stickers to make stripy patterns but now that nail art has become a big thing, you can buy supplies anywhere!
For nail art I’m a big fan of Essence because it’s cheap and it works. My go-to brands for nail varnish are Chanel (obv), OPI (imported from the USA for a fraction of the price), Catrice (a bargain at €2,50 and updated colours monthly) and Koh (so expensive it comes in a case).
A a self-confessed shopaholic I’m often left with a bit of month at the end of my money so nail varnish (which ranges from €1 to €25) can always provide a quick fix :)
These nails were all done freehand, and I’ll be sure to make a DIY in the near future!

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