Thursday, January 26, 2012

Modefabriek Day 2

Day two at the Modefabriek and it was time for some fresh young design talent. Notably, there were quite a few Dutch names among the designers to present at the Next/Cutting Edge show this time around such as Jonathan Cristopher, Anne de Grijf and Zem. Designer for Tomorrow-winner Alexandra Kiesel presented a bright, colourful collection full of interesting tailoring but my favourites were Anna Jazewitsch's Russian workwear-inspired, minimalist outfits for day, and Eleanor Amoroso's unique fringed dresses for parties!

I always love interviewing the designers after the show, seeing what their inspiration was and what their future plans are. It's a great way of understanding better what certain designs are all about, something you may not see at a glance. Designers can be so passionate about their work, my favourite part of my work really!
Now if only someone could only tell the models to pose as they come on and off the catwalk, that would be a great help to my photos!

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