Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Utrecht buys

Last image: Petra

After visiting the Centraal Museum in Utrecht last week, I decided to walk back to the station and find a nice little boutique to browse. I had almost reached the station when I stumbled upon what is now one of my favourite shops ever; Zolamanola. I was in search of a pair of black suede Acne boots, and the shop delivered on clothes, yet not on shoes. What I did find was the biggest collection of, you guessed it, Isabel Marant!

I'd had my eye on these shorts for a while and decided to try them on, alongside a few beautiful linen Tees and some sale items. After much hemming and hawing I took home the shorts, a bleached lilac Tee and a rocker-style anthracite top, oh, and a very big smile!

Zolamanola sells brands such as Isabel Marant (├ętoile), Acne, Vanessa Bruno, APC and Dutch labels Monique van Heist and Joline Jolink. I loved the shop's interior and styling as much as anything else, and the collection is huge!

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