Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Review: ASPA

No that's not me! I could hardly take photos of myself during a treatment now could I?

The last time I visited a beauty salon I must have been about 16. Yes, Azra, owner of all-natural salon ASPA in The Hague seemed rather shocked too. I had booked my Prescription Facial after being told about Treatwell, an all-new website that allows you to book and pre pay your treatment online, easy!

The first thing that hit me when I entered ASPA was the gorgeous smell. Azra explained she would be using London brand Aromatherapy Associates on my skin today, hence the beautiful smell. After a thorough consultation in which I explained my problem areas (dry skin, oily T zone, blemishes) and daily routine, I was tucked in under a nice warm blanket and the treatment began. I proudly named all the beauty products I use on a daily basis (Bioderma, Olio Lusso, Benefit, Cetaphil and my beloved Clarisonic) but Azra shook her head. “No wonder you’re having problems darling, you’re over stimulating your skin!”

Ultrasound was used to pump more moisture into my skin, a peel to add extra punch. Azra explained she believes in layering products starting with a facial oil, then serum and finishing with a cream. I asked the owner of the salon why she preferred working with natural brands, my main reason for coming. She explained that it has become a holistic concept for her: the salon, a yoga studio upstairs and she even runs a health food shop.

After the treatments and a relaxing head-and-shoulder massage, my make-up was fixed with Jane Iredale mineral makeup, another all-natural brand that works with minerals. Coverage was great but I’m afraid I won’t be chucking out my Chanel CCs or Estée Lauder Double Wears quite yet.

I left ASPA feeling ultimately relaxed, with great-looking (and feeling) skin and a whole lot wiser. 

It’s now a few days on and I can already feel my skin adjusting to its new routine. The Clarisonic has been banned save one day a week and my Olio Lusso has finally become part of my daily routine now I know how to properly use it. I’m a sucker for a new beauty fad but hopefully, regular visits to ASPA will cure me of my addiction.

This is a partly-sponsored post. All opinions in this article are my own.

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