Friday, November 25, 2011

Girl With The Dragon Tattoo H&M

After the Versace for H&M hype (which I too got sucked into), now another collaboration has come along, this time with a film. To coincide with the English version of Stieg Larsson’s Girl With The Dragon Tattoo film release in December, H&M Divided will launch a collection based on the film’s lead Lisbeth Salander designed by Trish Summerville. 


Now I wasn’t a great fan of the book, and the original film kind of freaked me out, but I must admit I am a great fan of the Salander’s grungy look. And how fitting that she spends a great deal of her money at H&M in the book!

After reading about the collection I was already pretty excited, for which budget-fashion lover wouldn’t get roused-up by the thought of leather jackets, trousers and boots? And after seeing these first pictures I am completely sold! 

In other H&M news, some pictures of Versace for H&M pre-spring have leaked. Very Dolce&Gabbana if you ask me.

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