Thursday, December 15, 2011

iGNANT presents animated GIFs

Under the name GIF.ME.BERLIN the blog iHeartBerlin and smart urban stage have created this group exhibition. Each of the 11 participants were asked to include a GIF (Graphics Interchange Format for all those interested) on the subject 'A Vision of the Future'.

“The Untouchables” by Voin de Voin, 2011,

The exhibition was shown on Wednesday 14-12-2011 at the HBC Cinema but the exhibition can be viewed over at iHeartBerlin.
I love it when animated GIFs are used as an art form like this - instead of being used to showcase mini-clips of Gossip Girl, come on people. My favourite out of the bunch has to be the seemingly mad tea party named "“The Untouchables” by Voin de Voin. Crazy outfits, men in make-up and tea cups shooting couloured smoke, what's not to like?

All images courtesy of
“Self Portrait” by crystalmafia, 2011,

'dead hipster' by clemens poloczek, 2011

“The Future is Glamorous” by Katja Hentschel, 2011,

“Future Body” by Arne Grugel, 2011,

“It’s Alive” by iHeartBerlin, 2011,

"smoking won’t be banned" by florian kolmer, 2011

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