Thursday, January 5, 2012

A new year, a new wardrobe

Happy New Year everyone! After a two (or was it three even) week hiatus my fingertips have been itching to post a new, er, post. But what to write about as this new year starts? My new year's fashion resolutions?
  1. Invest in some great pieces
  2. Think before buying (will this go with anything I own, or merely force me to buy matching items)
  3. Define my style
  4. DIY more!
This would make a great DIY-project no? (Isabel Marant Etoile courtesy of

Looking forward to a new fashion season I'm already contemplating what I'll be wearing in the Spring (if it decides to come at all this year) and have decided on clashing pastels, pick'n'mix denim, and the hint of grunge I just can't live without.

On their way as we speak thanks to a genious Aunty M. (images:
Left: Acne x Daniel Silver skirt (scored in the sale) Right: Jeffrey Campbell skyhighs (would go well with said skirt)

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