Tuesday, January 24, 2012


My weekend was dominated by openings at Salon/, ZWART/WIT at the Dutch Photography Museum and the Modefabriek. On Saturday brought my friend L. along to Salon/ and the photo museum as she is a fashion-lover just like me, yet can appreciate some fine art when she sees it!

Salon/ was due to open in Amsterdam at 11:00 with a short introduction by Victoria Koblenko followed by a presentation of Dutch Fashion Award-winner Conny Groenewegen's latest collection.  We were, however, not informed of a walking-tour through the city to visit the many location of Salon/. Due to a prior engagement in Rotterdam (and painfully high Louboutin's on L.'s part), we decided to skip the tour (to be followed at a later date of course) and mosey over to Rotterdam.

Photos taken at Salon/ opening
Last image: thank god for moving walkways! @ metro station Wilheminaplein

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