Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Oh Spring, why do you fail me now? Just as we were all thinking, Jack Frost isn't going to pay us a visit this year, the cold came. I must admit I have tried to stay indoors as much as possible these last few days, but even the small visits downstairs to receive and sign for packages are a test to sensitive skin.
In preparation for Spring, I had ordered this gorgeous trousers-and-chiffon-shirt combination at Zara. Luckily hanging it on my mannequin brings a sense of Spring to my room (and so much more fashion-forward than a bunch of flowers)!

So, I think Zara may have taken its inspiration from Alexander Wang s/s 2012. Lets just hope Zara decide to take a little more inspiration so I can get my paws on one of these graphic outfits below!

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