Friday, March 9, 2012

DIY Glitter bra

DIY inspiration can come from anywhere, often its something seen on a streetstyle blog or runway but more often than not bloggers come up with the same ideas for a project! I found this sparkly number over at a Pair and a Spare and decided to give it a go with an old bra I had lying around.

What I used:
  • A triangle bra or bikini
  • Sequins
  • A needle and thread (preferably the same colour as the bra or sequins)
  • Scissors 
1. Take you needle and thread and sew a few stitches onto the bra to secure 2. Take your first sequin (you can sew them face-up or down or alternating as I did) and sew it to the bra using one stitch 3. Keep sewing on sequins in a random pattern. It helps to have a guide, I sew them on in groups of five for a random look 4. Keep sewing on the sequins until your bra is covered 5. Tadaa! Your sequin-embellished bra is ready for party mode!

I can imagine wearing this sparkly number under a sheer top or blouse, maybe to a beach party or who knows where!

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