Wednesday, March 21, 2012

H&M Conscious Collection

I know, I know, I must stop blogging about H&M collections. But as these collaborations and green initiatives are available to everyone and their dog, I figure, why not share?


For this collection the Swedish brand is once again working with recycled polyester, bio-cotton and bio-hemp. And for those who think these materials sound a bit boring, think again! Just look at the fabulous organza evening dresses, or the flower photo print dresses. I must say I think this collection will adorn more bedroom walls than actually be worn, but it's great that a big-name brand such as H&M is making an effort to raise awareness on the environment side. On a different note, how perfect is Constance Jablonski's hair. Wow!

The collection will hit shops and online stores on April 12.

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