Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New In – Marni for H&M

At long last the Marni for H&M products hit the shops and Internet a few weeks ago and from 9:30 onwards you could see me frantically clicking my multiple Internet tabs trying to get through to the H&M online store. Miraculously I got through just after 10:00 and managed to get everything on my wish list!

I was so happy when the biggest H&M box I'd ever seen arrived, and ever more excited when I started unpacking everything and it all fit! I am especially in love with the pyjama-style shirt which can be worn casual with jeans or matching shorts or chique with black cropped trousers. Both pairs of shoes are very comfortable but after falling flat on my face while wearing the heels (consequently scuffing the leather), and measuring them to be 15cm high (!), I have decided to be a bit careful and not venture out on them without someone to hold on to.
All in all I am delighted with my goodies which seem to a have a somewhat timeless elegance, and vow to wear them lots and lots.

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