Wednesday, January 11, 2012


It's that time of year in Amsterdam when tourists flock to town on the hunt for a cheap deal in the sales. Even our precious nine streets have become overrun with people walking down the middle of the road, taking photos on every bridge and occupying the (very) few tables in the cafes. And who can blame them?

While wandering through these lovely streets with the BF last week it was time to hit the sales and take a look at the recently opened COS. I'd been there a week before and had my eye on a geometric, oxblood coloured knit and an oversized shrub-green (yes it's a made-up hue) jumper. This time they were both on sale!

Also, I'd been lusting after a long, black, asymmetric skirt which I was sure to find at ZARA. Luckily I popped into ACNE before heading over to the Kalverstraat and found my beauty right there. Heavily marked down. Hoorah and score!

Finally, I managed to score these lovely buttery soft leather gloves from COS' online store at a bargain. I still have no idea what the weather is up to this winter - will it snow or no? - but in anticipation, I figure a nice pair of long leather gloves wont go a miss if it does decide to turn the streets into a living skating rink!

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